Physio Care


Norfolk County FA has established a new partnership with IPRS Physio Care for 2014-15 – providing individuals with cover for up to 16 treatment sessions for just £25. This has been arranged as a direct result of feedback gathered from the Adult Game Survey undertaken at the tail end of 2013. 

The aim is to provide as many people involved in grassroots football in Norfolk with this cover and is open to all of our league members. The scheme is not limited to players, so league officials, managers etc. would also be eligible. As mentioned, the scheme costs just £25 per person for a year’s cover, offering four treatments on four separate injuries. However, one stipulation is that the person opening the scheme needs to be aged between 18-65 years old.

Should you or your Clubs have any questions, please contact Fionn Goodwin-Wright on 01603 704050 or [email protected]